Founded by Vishakha Mathur and Dheeraj Mathur, Aroga Foods was born out of a mission to provide accessible, high-quality natural alternatives for everyday cooking needs. The journey began when Vishakha, an art educator, searched for healthy cooking oil options made using traditional methods at an affordable price. Disappointed by the lack of suitable options, hygiene concerns, and sometimes the high cost, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Teaming up with her husband Dheeraj, they embarked on the unfamiliar path of entrepreneurship.

Despite facing challenges such as funding hurdles and navigating the complexities of the business world, Vishakha and Dheeraj remained committed to their goal of bringing a healthy alternative to households without compromising on quality.

Aroga Foods prioritizes maintaining the highest standards of quality in all its products, despite the challenges of high production costs and logistics. Starting small, they established their office in a container, which has now evolved into a thriving manufacturing unit with an attached outlet and office space.

Aroga Foods has expanded its product range to include organic jaggery, A2 ghee, Himalayan pink salt, and more, alongside its various cold-pressed oils. They currently manufacture twelve varieties of edible oils using ancient methods such as wood pressing (Kachchi Ghani) and cold pressing.

Vision: To bring the science of Ayurveda and the wisdom of ancient Indian traditions to you through naturally made kitchen essentials, harmonizing tradition with technology for a healthier lifestyle.

Mission: To stand as India's premier natural product maker, dedicated to offering the healthiest options, rooted in ancient wisdom, in today's fast-paced world.

Values: Purity, Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Quality Assurance

Motto: We Treasure Your Health

Certified by HACCP, FSSAI, and ISO 9001:2015, Aroga Foods ensures that its products undergo periodic lab testing to maintain high quality standards and authenticity.

In a world where health choices are increasingly valued, Aroga Foods stands tall, offering simple, pure, and wholesome choices for every kitchen.